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Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles, #1) Audiobook

From: Chariss K. Walker


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Category: Thriller

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A man with a secret that he doesn't want to share.

Michael James Lewis, a 44-year-old geophysicist, lives a life most would envy. Handsome, well-paid, and well-traveled, what could be the problem?

First, he can't tell anyone about his psychic ability. He can't admit that he can see horrifying visions of disturbing future disasters through a kaleidoscope.

Second, someone has been watching him for a very long time, but now, they have aggressively attempted to abduct Mike.

A 2018 B.R.A.G. Medallion winner, Kaleidoscope is the first fast-paced, captivating novel in the Vision Chronicles series by award-winning author Chariss K. Walker!

Total Book Tweets for Chariss K. Walker is 32496

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All Tweets for book 560

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