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Fiona Castello

Creative and dark - Enchanting dark-fiction novel from one of the most talented writers in this genre. It is entertaining and yet creepy in a very unique way. Infected rage surprises the reader over and over again and will shock you to the core, very graphic

William Blackwell

After reading the two previous books in the series (Phantom Rage and Poison rage) I really wanted a chilling and rewarding end to this horror series and Infected Rage delivered everything I had hoped. The writing is as strong in the final book as in the other two and there is a good clear link between all three without the focus of the trilogy being removed from the reader. I really enjoyed immersing myself in the trilogy and I would recommend it to anyone out there looking to get into a new mini series or trilogy of books. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. -Timo Tolkkipelto

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Infect Rage

From: William Blackwell


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Category: Horror

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Clairvoyant Kathleen Freeborne’s peaceful existence is shattered when she feels a client’s violent rage suddenly course through her body. Macabre and disturbing events point to a rage virus that infects locals, sending them on murderous rampages. She is thrust into a grueling journey for self-preservation and a search for the shocking truth behind the virus.

Total Book Tweets for William Blackwell is 21397

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