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Fiona Castello

The author has done a brilliant writing job on this novel - I would also call this novel a page turner. Written with very intense letters that will slowly but surely wrap you up in a spider web of pure fear and horror!

William Blackwell

First of all, I liked the cover. A lot. Secondly, I enjoyed reading this novel. The book flowed very well- the pace was not rushed, nor did it ramble. Not to give away any spoilers here, but the story follows the main character, Nathan King, as he struggles for survival against "Neanderthals" who will kill you just for your supplies as well as mutated animals who attack and try to eat you. All of this while he is trying to remember who he is and what kind of life he lived. I thought the book also had a surprise ending while teaching a lesson. Enjoy! -DeeLynn

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Assaulted Souls

From: William Blackwell


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Category: Thriller

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Nathan King wakes up one day freezing cold and starving with hunger on a tattered mattress in a dark cave. He has no idea where or who he is. He meets Edward Sole, apparently his protector, who tells him a nuclear bomb has been dropped and the world has been destroyed. Slowly the realization sinks in that in this horrific post-apocalyptic landscape, there are no rules, no laws. Cannibalism is rampant, mutant animals and humans are on the attack.

With all communication cut off, and meager supplies, every day becomes a fight for survival and sanity. To make matters worse, a band of savages called The Neanderthals have emerged who rape, pillage, and murder for more than just survival. They enjoy it.

Fighting for their survival and hoping to find a more hospitable island off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Ed and Nathan team up with Cadence Whitaker, Nathan’s long-lost girlfriend, and fierce warrior Velvet Jones to try and hatch a plan to escape the island before they’re all killed.

In the meantime, Ed has begun a slow descent into madness, leaving the group wondering who the enemy really is. A lightning-paced, action-packed exploration of a terrifying existence in a wasteland resulting from humankind’s stupidity.

Total Book Tweets for William Blackwell is 21397

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