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Polly the Polecat

From: K.A. Mulenga


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Category: Childrens

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Polly the polecat is an African skunk with a special superpower. When she is feeling scared or in danger, she has the ability to release a really, really revolting smell! The smell is so hideous that it sends anyone who may be even considering harming her, running for the hills! Nobody wants to hang around once Polly has let off one of her stinky smells!
Since Polly lives in a dangerous place, amongst lions, elephants and other wild animals just waiting to pounce on her, her special superpower comes in really handy and keeps her safe always.
But there is one small problem with Polly the Polecat’s special skill. She has absolutely no control over it! She finds herself releasing her foul smell at the most inappropriate times –such as when she is playing with her friends or when she is getting ready for bed. Polly the Polecat notices that she even does it when she is all by herself! Don’t we all know how embarrassing it is when we are not able to control our own actions – especially when they involve letting off bad smells!
Polly tries and tries to control herself, and, after a few months of hard work, appears to have mastered the art of keeping her bad smells to herself. She is absolutely delighted!
One day, Polly finds herself in a compromising situation with a lion. And not just any old lion. This is without a doubt the biggest lion she has ever laid eyes on! So she does what any good polecat would do in the same situation and releases her ghastly smell.
But…nothing happens! Polly tries again. It’s no good. She has completely lost her special superpower!
Oh no! What will happen next? Will poor Polly the Polecat be able to escape the lion’s mouth?
Read on to find out…

Polly the Polecat is a delightful story containing elements of both humour and suspense. The younger reader will enjoy the story’s amusing and relatable themes. Polly the Polecat teaches children valuable life skills, such as the importance of self-control, asking others for help when in trouble and the danger of wishing away what you have

Total Book Tweets for K.A. Mulenga is 5405

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All Tweets for book 191

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