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Drew the Dragon

From: K.A. Mulenga


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Category: Childrens

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Drew is the cutest of cute little dragons. He has friends and family who love him. But he is a very sad little dragon because, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot do what his friends can do. He cannot fly high in the sky, as his friends have learned to do. And he cannot breathe fire out of his mouth, even though he huffs and he puffs. He searches for help, and each time he is reassured with the words: “Remember, where there is great love, there are always miracles! And I love you, Drew!” But, despite these supportive words, and many attempts, Drew remains on the ground, breathing only a bit of smoke. Will Drew ever fly?

The value in this story is that it teaches children that, even if they can’t do what their friends can do, this does not diminish them in the eyes of the people who love them, and that one must remain optimistic and keep on trying.

Total Book Tweets for K.A. Mulenga is 5405

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All Tweets for book 224

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