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Four Seasons In One Day

From: K.A. Mulenga


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Sammy Spring, Sandy Summer, Augie Autumn and Wally Winter all live side-by-side in Four Seasons Street.

Even though they all live so close to each other on the same street, the neighbours don’t know each other at all. Their lives are busy and they all have different schedules, which means they leave and return to their houses at different times of the year. Sometimes they will pass each other on the street, but that’s about it.

One day, Sandy Summer decides to change all this. She invites all the neighbours to a picnic in the park. The plan is for them all to get to know each other in a social setting.

The picnic is a great success! The four new friends have a wonderful time together, chatting and getting to know each other. They discover that although they are all so different to one another, they all have their strong points and each one has something uniquely valuable to offer to the community.

The picnic means that the four neighbours took a break from their usual schedules and all left their houses at the same time. This disruption in routine causes havoc with the normal weather patterns! People around the world are very surprised to be experiencing “four seasons in one day” and don’t understand why the weather is doing such crazy things. But the reader does!

This sweet story explains the differences between the four seasons to children in a simple and relatable way. Children who are finding it a challenge to remember the different seasons’ names, and to remember the order in which they follow each other, will find it much easier after reading this story!

Besides being educational on a practical level, the story also offers young readers valuable lessons about recognising one another’s strengths and the different gifts we all have to offer. Neighbourly love and hospitality is also a key theme of this engaging story.

Total Book Tweets for K.A. Mulenga is 5405

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