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P.S. Winn

Three young adults, Melanie, Andrea and Sean have been best friends since high school. The trio were a little different than their peers and didn’t really fit into any of the little groups which always are formed in any high school. They didn’t care though; they had each other and were quite content with their friendship. Their friendship continued long after graduation. On a weekend trip to Sean’s family cabin at Hidden Lake, the three are out enjoying the beautiful and scenic area when they stumble onto a potentially deadly situation. In one of the caves in the surrounding hills, they find a closely guarded space ship. You’ll never guess what else they find. Government soldiers are at the scene and there is always a cover-up and conspiracy when government is involved. That’s life these days. A creepy Dr. Mengel, the General’s go-to guy, eventually gets involved and there are some tense moments for the group. I hope you will purchase and enjoy this well written story as much as I did.

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At Hidden Lake

From: P.S. Winn


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Hidden Lake is a beautiful place, but it holds deadly secrets that link back to WW II. Three friends uncover the secrets and now are in a race for their lives to find a way to escape and get the story out.

Total Book Tweets for P.S. Winn is 56

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