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P.S. Winn

This book is complex. My first instinct was to say that this is a tale of self-sacrifice, but it became clear to me it really wasn’t that. It is about a man (one of twelve) whose conviction led him to make a choice to dedicate himself to helping others, performing miracles and going where he was needed to heal people who would make a difference in the world. And he lived this existence unquestioningly, until he “accidently” meets and instinctively heals a woman who stirs feelings in him that he has never known before—feelings that make him want to change his role here on earth. Andrew knows what it will mean for him if he chooses to be with Lisa, but he can’t put her out of his mind. He knows he has met his soul mate, so he makes another choice. He goes before the group that he has worked with and presents his case. With their blessings he goes into the world to carry on his work in a different way. This is the second book that I have read by P.S. Winn and each one of them made me want meet the author, because I would suspect that anyone who weaves the themes of these books into fiction as powerfully as she does has a basic belief in the topics. I personally believe in the power of the mind, the energy in the universe and the probability that we can tap into miracles if we learn how to quiet ourselves and focus.

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Andrew is a healer, he has walked the earth for thousands of years. Now, he healed a woman he knows is his soul mate and may have to give up everything to be with he.

Total Book Tweets for P.S. Winn is 56

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