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P.S. Winn

A Gradual Decline is a great book that is a fast read and a great twist at the end. This book details how the human mind can be influenced by outside forces.Will definitely read more books from this author.

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A Gradual Decline

From: P.S. Winn


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The majority of the population wouldn't have agreed with Rick Holton's decision. In fact those who heard about it, thought the young reporter was a hell of a lot crazier than the man he was about to interview. As Rick meets with convicted killer Jackson Riley, he is surprised to find an empathy for the man and his own life in turmoil as his own anger rises and his life gradually declines. Jackson Riley is about to be executed for murders committed in the seventies. A reporter with the exclusive on the story may have too much empathy for the killings and his life is on a gradual decline as he tells the story.

Total Book Tweets for P.S. Winn is 56

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