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P.S. Winn

Have you ever finished a sentence for someone who is talking to you, whether verbally or in your mind? If so you have shown a small measure of the extra sensory capabilities of the characters in this book. The author takes Marissa, the lead character, on a journey of being fearful of her "incidents" to believing strongly in her capabilities and hoping her daughter will be as strong or stronger as a pyschokinetic. Ms. Winn develops a series of encounters, a marriage and a short lifetime of "incidents" into a camp designed for the purpose of enhancing the abilities of those who come there, including a healer, those who can see the future, either close by or in a macro sense, pyrokinetics who can start or use fire at will such as in "Carrie," by Stephen King, and healers. This is fast paced, really good reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this rather short book. The only thing I find difficult to deal with is it ended before I was ready for that occurrence. Thanks Pamela for a wonderful and entertaining read.

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From: P.S. Winn


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Supernatural suspense and a touch of spiritual as Marissa finds out why she has special abilities and what she was meant to do with them.

Total Book Tweets for P.S. Winn is 56

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