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The Voice of Faerie: Making Any Tarot Deck Into An Elven Oracle

From: The Silver Elves


Category: Self help

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"The Voice of Faerie: Making Any Tarot Deck Into an Elven Oracle" is designed to allow the user to communicate with the Realms and Spirits of Faerie/Elfin/Elfland, the spirits of the Nether Realms, sentient and intelligent beings of this and other planets, this and other dimensions, this world and the parallel worlds connected to it, using any tarot deck. The authors channeled it from those very spirits who are searching for their kindred on the planet. This is a Living Book. It is designed to be used in concert with any tarot deck so that their meanings and concepts can be easily and readily accessible to anyone interested in communicating with the elven and faerie spirits of other realms and dimensions. This book can be read from cover to cover; however, we think it best if you read bit by bit as the cards speak to you. Thus, this book can be used and read for years to come, consulted over and over again, instead of just being perused once or twice. This is why we call it a Living Book. In this way it speaks to each individual and unfolds for each in its own way according to each individual's needs. It is a functional tool for communicating with the spirit world. Still, in time it is assumed that the book will become merely a reference guide while the cards themselves will lead you to the information from the spirits that could not be included in the book. While this book can be used with any tarot deck, you will note that there are additional and alternative cards beyond traditional tarots deck, which have 78 cards. Thus this deck can also be used with other decks that exceed the traditional card set up or you can create your own deck using it.

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