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The United States of Elfin: Imagining a More Elven Style of Government

From: The Silver Elves


Category: Science

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The Silver Elves have often said that Faerie and Elfin are states of being and consciousness, states of sentient awareness much more than physical places upon the Earth. Elfin exists wherever elves exist, wherever individuals who live the Elven Way abide, wherever those who call to Faerie and hear its Call may be. Yet, it is clear that there are many who would love for there to be a physical dimension upon the Earth that is Faerie, a true Elfland where the elfin may go and be free to live their lives as they deem fit, in love, enchantment and fairness. Thus in this book The Silver Elves seek to define what sort of government might rule in such lands and even more so what laws, cultural and social tendencies might foster such a world. What, in fact, would an Elven government and society actually look like? And how may we, in seeking to go about creating such realms, do so?

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