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The Elf Folks' Book of Cookery: Recipes For a Delighted Tongue, a Healthy Body and a Magical Life

From: The Silver Elves


Category: Health

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The Elf Folks’ Book of Cookery was created for elves, faeries and all otherkin to use to adapt to their own needs, both healthy and flavorful. All the food recipes in this book are created by elves and eaten by elves! Of course, they may also be used by anyone interested in healthy and delicious foods. The Silver Elves have eaten in their daily diet all 50+ recipes this book shares and they continue to adapt them according to their tastes, understanding of modern nutritional knowledge, and what they may have in the cupboard on a particular day. The Silver Elves trust you will do the same, making this your own book of magical elven recipes. This book is not only an elven recipe book, but also a course in how to cook and alter recipes to your health specifications. Making a healthy diet change can be difficult for anyone and the elves want to help their kin to make this important transition toward excellent health both easy and fun. Reading and using this book, you will learn how to take an old favorite food of your clan and alter it to be more nutritious and healthy, as well as delicious. While they advise the use of all organics, they have added recipes for a variety of meals, treats and tastes, for those needing both gluten-free and those who feel their bodies accept gluten whole grains. The Silver Elves have many vegetarian dishes, but also some meat and fish dishes. You will note little elven enchantments or spells here and there throughout the book that can be chanted when cooking to fill a dish with that special elfin magick. The Silver Elves cook consciously and with healing intent and using their magical spells while cooking will help you do the same. "The very best The taste supreme Will bring to us Our every dream!" —The Silver Elves

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