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Stage 3: Alpha

From: Ken Stark


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Category: Horror

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The virus swept through humanity like wildfire.
Millions went blind in the first few hours, but blindness was just the beginning. It was only in STAGE 2 that the real terror emerged.

As the virus ate into the brain, it destroyed everything human. Leaving in its wake a creature that knew only one thing... the need to feed.

And the world was torn apart.

In San Francisco, those few who remain amid the swarms measure their survival from one terrified heartbeat to the next. But for Sarah, there is reason to keep going. A pretty little girl with big green eyes and a tangled mop of curly red hair is counting on her, and she's not about to let anything in heaven or hell stand in her way.

But those wild, ravenous things aren't the only monsters in this new world of the damned.

Sarah fights her way home across a besieged city... but she knows, that the worst of the horror is yet to come.

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Total Book Tweets for Ken Stark is 1344

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All Tweets for book 92