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Pasha, From Animal Shelter to A Sheltered Life

From: Inge H. Borg


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When the flaming-orange tom was brought to the local animal shelter, he was messy. And he stank. That darn cat never took his eyes off me. They were not quite green and not quite yellow; they were round, and alert, and reflected light like precious stones set in orange gold. ‘Don’t even think about it,’ I told him. I already had two cats.

This is Pasha’s story. It is also the story of many shelter kittens this ‘mellow fellow’ helped me raise; as well as an account of some of the wonderful cats and dogs cared for at our shelter before they got their forever-homes. A few of the chapters may be sad. Most are heart-warming and happy. All are sure to entertain. And you don’t have to own a pet to enjoy them.

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Total Book Tweets for Inge H. Borg is 14287

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