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Intermezzos, Three Short Romances with a Twist

From: Inge H. Borg


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Dry wit and humor, sprinkled with a generous dose of skepticism about that romantic notion called Love.
The three satires/parodies—Interludes, Intermezzo, and Intercourse—are sophisticated (okay, sexy) stories about Life, Lust and Love.

Interludes are dating spoofs of one woman's trysts and tribulations with would-be and has-been lovers whose actions and reactions are lacking truthfulness and romance.
Intermezzo takes place in 1965 spy-laced Vienna of the Cold War era. Three sexy adults role-play with romance turning into fantasy, jealousy and betrayal. They call it Love.
Intercourse explores the very word that evokes such titillating imagery. A girl with the unfortunate name of Fata Morgana and her roommates morph from shy pimply cygnets into nubile swans via teenage angst. While their fancy Swiss academy is an all-girl school, there is Paolo, the young Italian gardener.

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Total Book Tweets for Inge H. Borg is 3320

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