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Khamsin, The Devil Wind of The Nile

From: Inge H. Borg


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Category: History

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An epic saga of forbidden love, lust for gold and power, and the wrath of the devil wind during the First Dynasty of Egypt. The birth of Nefret, Royal Daughter and Heiress, is overshadowed by her mother's death, and King Aha's suspicion he may not have fathered her. The young princess’s education is left to Ramose, High Priest of Ptah, who vies for control over his weak Horus-King—as does the vile Vizier. Each man takes full advantage of the Two Lands' warfare with its southern neighbors. Nefret becomes a pawn in dangerous court intrigues and, in self-defense, sins against the strict laws of Ma’at, a transgression punishable by death. As the fierce khamsin rages over the Valley of the Nile, those who seek to kill her are pitted against the few who hope to save her.

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Total Book Tweets for Inge H. Borg is 14287

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