Life’s Echoes by Kathleen Harryman This beautiful book takes us on an enchanting journey throughout the life as witnessed, seen and experienced by Kathleen, her sister and their mother. They each influence their writing with their honesty and love, often culminating in an emotion of both tears of joy and sadness, but accept that life, like time will always move on regardless. Kathleen writes with such passion that it is impossible not be touched by what she writes. Close your eyes and you could be in the same room, field or on a walk with the dog and her family. This book of poetry doesn’t always rhyme, but it doesn’t need too because the poetry is telling a story, an account of the heartfelt love Kathleen has for her life, her family and friends, and pets. A recommended read. ~ Amazon Customer

Kathleen Harryman has written a succession of poems revealing recurring themes of love, life, death and even betrayal. Despite baring her heartache and some emotional scars, the author’s tone remains upbeat and a warm nimbus of kindness radiates from her prose. There are moments of such heart-rending poignancy that it’s impossible not to join in her sadness. The death of her dear father, for example, is lamented with an outpouring of enduring love, and an ode to her sisters is touching in the extreme. It’s clearly evident that Harryman is an advocate for kindness; she cares about people, nature, family, human bonds and family pets. This tender book will strike a chord with anyone who has had to overcome loss and personal distress. ~ Amazon Customer

“Together we’ll find our strength. . .” is a line from one of Kathleen Harryman’s poems. When I read that line I felt that she has given us all a foundation stone for our lives. We are here, shoulder to shoulder, to help each other find our strength. And that is the way of her poetry. In the midst of her sorrow over the heartbreaks she has had, she perseveres. Her poems light the way when we feel burdened and beaten down by life’s many challenges. Beautifully written, these poems clearly come from the heart, and they bring strength to my heart. My thanks go out to this gifted poet. ~ Amazon Customer

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Life's Echoes is a collection of inspirational poetry, written and designed to awaken your emotions, make you ponder the incredible tapestry of life, and alter your perspective. Life can be complicated. It fills us with longing, dreams, desires, secrets, love and pain. The poems in this book were written in a way that no matter where your life takes you, or whatever journey you are on, there is a poem that will resonate deep within you... a poem written just for you. Poetry is as special as life itself, which is why it brings with it such personal and deep meaning. Poetry is the very essence of magic. This book of poetry has been written and illustrated by Kathleen Harryman and family --- June Chappell, Maureen Kildin and Julie Chappell --- and friend, Teresa Blackett.

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