What a fantastic book, you must read this !! A disturbing and horror filled story that also has it's humourous moments too. A brilliantly written book that will have you gripped from the first page to the last page, once you begin reading you will not be able to put this book down as you always need to know what happens next and you will be regularly surprised. It is not simply a case of reading a novel because it's detailed and descriptive narrative pulls you in and you become part of the horror unfolding in front of you, it is like you are actually living the nightmare yourself. I would strongly recommend this book and it is also worth checking out the other titles by this author, you will not be disappointed. ~ Amazon Customer

GRIPPING, UNSETTLING, BRUTAL Rita Jackson is sixteen years old. And she’s a serial killer. Writing in the first person, Kathleen Harryman catapults the reader into the mind of a psychopath, one whose youth offers camouflage to the external world of her darker motivations. This a gripping tale which lays bare the nature vs nurture argument. Harryman’s prose is deceptively simple, and thus her protagonist’s thoughts and desires are made transparent to the reader. Hence, it’s not an easy read – especially Rita’s references to her relationship with her father and the descriptions of the kills – but it is a compelling one. And, of course, there are twists. “If I were you, I’d stop listening to the psychologists and question your social expectations.” The Gas Man cometh. ~ Amazon Customer ~

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Hidden Danger



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Death is coming for you...
And it's wearing a familiar face.

Meet Rita Jackson, a child serial killer who loves to deprive her victims of oxygen. Hidden behind her youth and innocence is a monstrous killer who cannot be satiated.

At a very young age, her murderous tendencies were known to her father, who's as addicted to death as she is. He fed it and encouraged the monster to grow.

She will steal your last breath and watch you die with a smile on her face in this chilling and captivating story.

Their house in Crossroads Farm will echo with the cry of her victims. Forty people will be held captive. Thirty-seven will die.

When the police arrive at Crossroads Farm, will Rita be amongst the living?
Or will she lose her life to her own madness?

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