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Darkness Rising



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The Yorkshire Slasher is back, and this time, there is no one stopping her.

Lauren Michaels has waited fifteen years, rotting in an asylum, for the day she can escape. With her alter ego, Tracy Bennett gone, that time has arrived.

Dressed to kill and in the best shape she's ever been in, the Yorkshire Slasher wastes no time in claiming her first piece of artwork (the word 'victim' diminishes her killing skills).

Lauren soon finds the perfect place to hide. Remaining under the police radar, she is free to kill.

Praise for When Darkness Falls:

"There was nothing in this book that I truly did not like and that alone is rare and impressive."

"If you have an interest in the psychopathic psyche, this book will shock and unnerve you to the core. I was unable to put it down as the character is so driven, ghoulishly fascinating and wickedly humorous."

"The attention to detail is exceptional and the characterisation is real. I found myself quickly drawn in to this fast-paced and cleverly written tale which held my attention with its many twists and turns and culminating in and ending that was totally unexpected and just brilliant."

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Total Book Tweets for is 6785

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