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Unsafe Passage

From: Mark Patrick


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Category: Thriller

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A modern-day, fast-moving thriller set in Georgia, USA.
David Allen, a 'security consultant' employed by the British Government, is tasked with extracting an 'asset' and her friend, from her home in Georgia and escorting them to Britain.
His job is made more difficult as people in the highest reaches of the US Government discover they have been played for fools by the asset, Alexandra Gail Hemmings, in response to the violent deaths of her parents. They want her, and others, dead - and have no moral qualms about how they go about it.
More complications arrive when he encounters other damsels in distress, of which one accepts him as her 'master'.
And it doesn't help that he falls for Gail - and her friend!

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Total Book Tweets for Mark Patrick is 7916

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