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Two Paths (The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu, Book 2)

From: J.G. MacLeod


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A fun historical romance for readers who enjoy the dashing men in Regency & Highlander books, and diverting romantic dramas.

Read Two Paths to discover why readers are saying one of the highlights is "how courageous Lady Ellen is in various instances" (bcreeper, and the story is "full of surprises" (Louise Dedman).

What would you do if you were secretly pregnant with another man's child in 19th-century Ireland? What were the effects of raising strong, stoic men on marital happiness? How did the tragedy of famine affect people's decisions to stay or leave their native country?

Nineteen-year-old Ellen Montagu attempts to adjust to life in County Galway after spending several months on the Aran Islands. She is burdened by secrets, including her feelings for Grady, that haunt her every day. To complicate matters further, famine arrives in Ireland in the winter of 1845. Soon, Lady Ellen must make an enormous decision between two paths that will affect not only her own life, but her unborn child's future as well.

Two Paths combines humour, romance, travel, family drama, and history into one unforgettable story.

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Total Book Tweets for J.G. MacLeod is 1744

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