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New London (The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu, Book 3)

From: J.G. MacLeod


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An engaging Irish historical romance for readers who loved Bridgerton, What the Wind Knows, Lady Ellen, and Brooklyn.

Twenty-year-old Ellen Montagu is a new mother living in the British colony of Upper Canada in the year 1846. Not even a decade after the fledgling nation was consumed by rebellion, Ellen and Cormac Guinness try to adjust to life as Irish immigrants in their new home. Will secrets and enemies from their past remain buried, or destroy everything they hold dear?

Set in author J.G. MacLeod’s own childhood town, New London combines love, travel, family drama, and history into one unforgettable story. Travel to the Victorian era to read the exciting conclusion to this beloved romance series. Reviews are always appreciated.

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Total Book Tweets for J.G. MacLeod is 3221

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