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To the TOP With Smart Free Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed - Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

From: Doris-Maria Heilmann


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The motto of this helpful entrepreneur business guide is “Marketing vs. Advertising”. So, start-ups and self-employed business owners who are on a tight marketing budget will benefit from these tips on how to promote their services or goods in an effective, yet inexpensive way.

Find proven tips on video and social media promotion, sweepstakes, e-commerce, podcasting, email, and influencer marketing, as well a free advertising on Google maps.
An important topic in this book is content marketing: smart, low-cost, and one of the most successful types of business promotion.
Finding (and caring for) customers is always the key to success. Learn how excellent customer service and a positive corporate culture will boost your success.

Hundreds of valuable links in the chapter 'Resources" will help to support your promotion efforts.

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Total Book Tweets for Doris-Maria Heilmann is 11412

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