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Audio Books for Success: A comprehensive guide for authors, audiobook publishers, narrators, voice-over artists, and audiobook listeners. Learn how to create, produce, publish, and market your audiobooks.

From: Doris-Maria Heilmann


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Audio Books for Success
Discover every aspect of audiobooks with this comprehensive guide for audiobook publishers, narrators, voiceover artists, and audiobook listeners. Get step-by-step instructions on how to plan, narrate, record, edit, master, proof, and sell your audiobook, plus countless tips on finding the best audiobooks and apps and writing an audiobook review.

Learn the following and more:
• Why investing in an audiobook is worthwhile
• How to choose an audiobook studio or production company in the USA, the UK, and Canada, and most important: to find the right narrator for your title
• How to set up your own DIY recording spot and which equipment to use for quality recording
• Where to take narration training and learn voiceover techniques or build a career out of your voice
• How to make words on a page come alive for the audience and create a visual image for the listener
• How to find reviewers (including direct links) and how to market and distribute your audiobook
• Where to find info about audiobook sellers and apps, and even where to find free audiobooks on the internet
• All about audiobook industry associations and their awards

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Total Book Tweets for Doris-Maria Heilmann is 11412

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All Tweets for book 1055

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