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111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer How to Create, Where to Upload and How to Market Your Videos

From: Doris-Maria Heilmann


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Book trailers, book videos, book teasers - whatever names you use - it is one of the fastest growing, powerful trends in promoting books online.

Valuable Tips and more than 150 useful and interesting links to websites and tutorial videos will help you to plan, create and promote your book trailer on the road to bestseller status.

No matter if you have an e-book, audio-book or traditional paper book: This guide explains in detail how to use free video-uploading to promote and market your book successfully.

Book trailers are quickly gaining popularity among publishers and successful authors to help promote books and encourage people to read them. Bestsellers have them – why not you? Introduce your book and get potential readers excited!

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Total Book Tweets for Doris-Maria Heilmann is 11412

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All Tweets for book 1238

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