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Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite The Black Widow by Glenn Stevens is a short paranormal tale. It’s Halloween and the parties are in full swing in Rush Street in Chicago. Detective John Russell and his partner Amy have been sent to the Metromix nightclub to investigate the body of a naked woman, covered in puncture wounds. Even stranger, she has no blood left in her. As the night wears on a string of similar calls come in, bodies completely drained of blood. John Russell is starting to see the similarities between these murders and a string of similar murders from another Halloween night five years earlier. John saw the murderer that night and he fears she is back. The only problem is, she isn’t human. Can the police stop her before more lives are lost? The Black Widow by Glenn Stevens was a neat read, perfect for Halloween! It is short and to the point yet with plenty of detail and a good plot. Beware, there is a twist to the end of this one, and you might not see it coming. As short stories go, this is one of the better ones. Glenn draws you into his story with the detail, hooking you from the first page and making you want to read this to the very end in one go. The characters were likable, not easy to do in such a short space, and developed well throughout the tale. Ideal for fans of the paranormal/vampire genre, it isn’t too descriptive making it limited to adults only; young adults would probably enjoy it too.

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The Black Widow

From: Glenn Stevens


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It's Halloween night and a vampire is loose in downtown Chicago. Can the police stop this creature before the city is drained of blood?

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Total Book Tweets for Glenn Stevens is 1963

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