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Reviewed By Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite Halloween Ball at Dracula's Castle by Glenn Stevens features two Dallas cheerleaders called Jill and Vickie, who win tickets to a Halloween Ball. The ball is being thrown by Count Dracula, who everyone thinks is an actor on a TV show called 'The Vampire Next Door.' The party is in Transylvania and all the usual horror movie suspects are present - Frankenstein, the Wolfman, etc. While Jill is excited, Vickie has her doubts about attending the ball and, while there, starts to believe that it isn't make-believe like they all assume. A ten-million dollar prize, however, is enough to make her forget her worries and join in the night's festivities. Jill is sure the Count will choose them. But will they want to be chosen? Glenn Stevens writes an engaging story in Halloween Ball at Dracula's Castle. Jill and Vickie are both in college and think that they can change their lives by winning the money. You cannot help but think that if supernatural creatures were real then people would end up behaving in exactly the same way; treating them like movie stars and showing up by the coachload to party with them. While this is a short story, I felt that the two main characters were well developed. Jill is the risk taker who likes to party and will do anything to get ahead. Vickie is a little more reserved and hesitant than her room mate, but she ends up going along with her plans anyway. This works as a short story but could do well as a longer one, too.

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Halloween Ball at Dracula's Castle

From: Glenn Stevens


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It's Halloween night and the Count is throwing a party for his undead friends. Guess who the main course is!

Join Jill and Vickie, two college cheerleaders, as they accept Dracula's private invitation to the Halloween Ball. Can two cheerleaders fight back against the evil forces surrounding them this Halloween night and escape with their lives and their prize money? What's that strange pounding on the other side of the door and what's with that coffin Dracula?

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Total Book Tweets for Glenn Stevens is 6973

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