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Reviewed By Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite What would you do if your eccentric neighbors asked you to take care of their son while they are away for the night? Karen does not hesitate and decides it is something she can manage without difficulty. However, Johnny is not a child like others. Even though he looks sick, he does not have a disease – he is a vampire, and Karen is irresistible to him. It will be a long night for the young girl. Will she be able to see the morning light? You will discover what happened to her at the end of Glenn Stevens' short story, Babysitting a Vampire. Babysitting a Vampire is a delightful read for a young adult audience. Even though the adventure is just a few pages long, Stevens is able to entertain his readers. His way of writing is engaging, and the story flows smoothly. Even though the plot is simple, the bizarre events of the night make this story unusual and invite you to discover more. You feel a strange atmosphere throughout the story, starting from the descriptions of Johnny's parents. I considered the ending weird and hilarious at the same time, and it is the best you can imagine for this story. The characters are well developed overall, especially the two protagonists, Karen and Johnny. The young girl appears as a normal teenager at the beginning, while the child is shy and even scared. I like that this adventure soon shows them in a different light. Babysitting a Vampire is a story that you will enjoy – and that you will read more than once.

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Babysitting a Vampire

From: Glenn Stevens


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It's late at night and your pale neighbor with a Transylvanian accent next door needs someone to watch little Johnny. What happens during a thunderstorm when little Johnny is hungry and you're fresh out of baby formula? Will the teenage babysitter be able to keep Johnny satisfied until sunrise?

For someone so young, little Johnny seems to have incredible strength.

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Total Book Tweets for Glenn Stevens is 5655

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