Glenn Stevens

5 Stars! Reviewed By K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite Eros had traveled for ten thousand years, seeking a place where he and his people could live free from the Scorpious, beings who drain one planet after another of life. But things did not go as planned and an ambush sends him crashing to Earth where he awakens with no memory and only an instinct for the things he can do, and he can do miraculous things. The venom he releases when feeding has some interesting properties; it heals wounds, cures sickness, and makes people fall helplessly in love. But the time of mortals passes differently to his own. So what is a 'vampire' to do? Well, build a resort, patent inventions, and corner the world's blood market while curing the sick and uncovering the secrets of his venom seemed a good place to start. Blood Relations is a paranormal story by Glenn Stevens. It focuses on the story and life of Eros and the many women his path crosses, how he affects their lives and changes the face of humanity itself. It utilizes a vampire creation myth I have only seen a handful of times with its own added alteration of the species being cold-blooded. This is a book of discovery, not only for Eros but for all those he encounters. Most possess a feeling of being lost in the world, be it due to illness, grief, their situation or differences. They grow and adapt -- which in Eros's case means learning to understand himself and the world he is in -- and finally, they find their place, which isn't always somewhere the reader would imagine. A slow-paced but enjoyable read which embraces the many differences of humanity and the desire for longevity.

Glenn Stevens

4 Stars - Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite Blood Relations is a fascinating and exciting paranormal work by author Glenn Stevens which asks the question: What are you willing to give to live forever? Part alien tale and part vampiric bloodsucking legacy, this interesting fusion of genres centers around the mysterious Eros. To escape from certain death, the alien Eros moves his royal family to Earth for their own safety, not knowing that the very thing they’re hiding from has followed them to the new planet. When he crash lands and forgets who he is and what he’s supposed to be doing in this new world, a human woman with a dying child takes him in as a messenger from the heavens. Little does she know of Eros’s conflicting taste for human female blood. I found this new take on the vampire storyline to be really intriguing, as Glenn Stevens clearly knows the original dark gothic genre very well. Catapulting the old lore of vampirism into a modern world of science fiction isn’t easy, but the writing is clear, sharp and modern to get to the point fast. I enjoyed the dialogue, both humorous and serious, and the characterization of aliens versus humans was well thought out. For me, the plot wound through just a couple too many twists and turns, but I suspect that faithful readers of the vampire and alien genres will enjoy that aspect a great deal. Overall, I would certainly recommend Blood Relations to both fantasy and science fiction readers who enjoy dark themes, conflict, and action.

Glenn Stevens

5 Stars! Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite Blood Relations: What Are You Willing To Give To Live Forever? by Glenn Stevens is a paranormal romance that puts a new spin on love. I am a huge fan of mythology, so the moment I saw the word Eros, I knew I was going to read this book. Imagine my surprise when I realized that Eros is actually an alien in the story! Despite the surprises (all good, trust me), I enjoyed this story a lot. Eros is complicated, his little issue with people and women, in particular, is complicated, but that makes him even more desirable to me. This is the story of Eros, a man who took his family away from certain death on his own planet. At the time, he thought he was doing the right thing for everyone, but soon he realizes what has happened. His aircraft is attacked and he lands on a strange planet where he knows no one and knows nothing of this world. Unconscious when the aircraft lands, he wakes up to find himself in the company of strange people and discovers that he has a craving for female blood. He has no idea why and he can’t help it. What will he do when he realizes that he craves the company of the living more than their blood? What can I say about this novel? It was action-packed and filled with little gems that had me thinking and thinking hard. I enjoyed how Eros, an alien, seemed very human with his jumbled thoughts and his complicated life. His relationships were difficult, which was obvious, and his struggle to feel a connection with the people around him gave a palpable indication of his humanity. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel!

Glenn Stevens

This one stands alone - This book is well written and has a very good story. It keeps the listener interested from the first and does not stop . One of those your can't put down

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To escape certain death, Eros whisks his royal family across the galaxy in search of a safe home. Unknown to him, a hostile alien species follows him and before he can safely land on Earth shoots his spacecraft down. His craft crashes into the snow-packed Carpathian mountainside.

Now stranded on an alien world hostile to his existence he is left for dead. A mother home with her dying daughter notices Eros float down from the heavens and believes he is sent by God in answer to her prayers to save her daughter. When Eros wakes, he has no memory of who he is. All he knows is those around him smell incredibly delicious.

Follow Eros from humble beginnings to saving lives to becoming the wealthiest man on the planet.

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