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The Badge (Detective Richard Nolan Series, #1)

From: S. R. Leinbeck


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Category: Mystery

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He thought his career was over, until a serial killer brings him back.
When students at Jefferson University start to go missing, Detective Richard Nolan is brought back from retirement. Will the cases from his past come back to haunt him? Only time will tell, but time is something he does not have. Hunting down a serial killer is hard enough. Hunting down a serial killer who gets into his mind and unlocks his memories is even harder. Along with a team of detectives, Richard vows to capture this lunatic before another person disappears.
The Badge is a suspenseful story of love and loss, with a little bit of humor mixed in. Walk alongside Richard Nolan and see where the journey takes him.

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Total Book Tweets for S. R. Leinbeck is 8

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