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The End (Detective Richard Nolan Series, #3)

From: S. R. Leinbeck


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Detective Richard Nolan has been haunted by the Hill family for years.

After all this time, is the reign of terror over? Will Richard be able to put the past behind him and move forward? Will his memories always haunt him, or will he finally be at peace?

Richard is ready to take some much-needed time to heal. Along with his team of detectives, Richard believes the chaos that the murderous Hill family has caused is now over. Unfortunately, the story has not ended and takes an unexpected turn, causing everyone to question everything they thought they knew.

The End is the final book of this series. Will the story come to a conclusion? Will there be answers to all the unresolved questions? Take the journey with Richard and team to find out what happens in The End.

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Total Book Tweets for S. R. Leinbeck is 571

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