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Sharon Lopez

This isn’t your typical vampire story, even though vampires play a large role in the telling. For me, it was much more a story of a 15-year-old girl who doesn’t know her place in the world. She’ll find out soon if she is to remain human or become a vampire. It reflects real life in that teens often question their own roles in the world, where do they fit in the world? Who are they? In addition, the story has a deep father-daughter relationship, as the main character, Trinity’s dad is a single father. He is like many dads, overprotective, but in some ways completely different. I’ll leave that up to the reader to discover. And of course, as in most YA stories a budding romance, though in her view, Ethan is just a friend, something she mentions many times. But is she trying to convince others, or herself? The story ends on a cliff-hanger, but luckily there is a sequel to answer many of the remaining questions. Truly a unique take on the YA vampire theme!

Sharon Lopez

A fast paced story with plenty of action set in a world where betrayal is not only dangerous, but unforgivable. Much enjoyed!

Sharon Lopez

Lopez gives readers a fresh take on vampire mythology. It was interesting, tense at times, and left me wanted to read the next book in the series. Well done YA read!

Sharon Lopez

Trinity is haunted by dreams, and has strength and speed that the average fifteen year old doesn't possess. She's a mystery even to herself. Her world is rocked when she discovers just how unique she truly is. This book is full of twists and turns and has a great hooky ending.

Sharon Lopez

I loved this book. It is a totally new take on the vampire theme, with none of the clichéd elements. The characters take on a life of their own almost immediately, and although they are facing challenges the reader will most likely never face, I felt myself sympathizing with them. There is a strong father/daughter theme, and a downplayed, but endearing romance blossoming, all with an underlying horror that is very well written. By the end of Sanguisuge, Trinity faces a future she never imagined, I am anxious to see where the sequel takes her. A 5-star read for its uniquely imaginative take on the tired old vampire theme and its memorable characters. (I loved Grandpa!)

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Trinity is not your ordinary fifteen-year-old. She lives in seclusion with her father. She possesses extraordinary strength and speed. She is also haunted by a dream. A dream that seems to hold the secret not only to who she is but to who she will become. Follow Trinity on her journey of self-discovery in this not so average coming of age story.

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Total Book Tweets for Sharon Lopez is 13933

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