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Sharon Lopez

A remarkable read about a teenage girls transformation and Gods place in the school system. Lopez’ writing has an easy flow that made this story effortlessly enfold in my mind as I read. Her character Hope, suffers an accident that changes her, more like reforms her. She finds God after this event, and she begins to pray in school. Her peers pick on her and even assault her for it. It was heart wrenching to “watch” her and her family go through all of that. But even through tough times, some good is bound to peek its head out. This trauma in some ways helps unite her family. I found the ending satisfying and highly recommend this book.

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MY Right to Choose

From: Sharon Lopez


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Hope was a popular girl who had it all. Good looks, a great boyfriend, a best friend she could share anything with, and a promising life ahead of her. In one brief moment, the lives of Hope, Dillon, and her friends are shockingly altered. Hope suddenly finds herself embracing a new life and those around her are not sure how to cope with the changes. Can Hope and her friends adjust to this new life, and learn to grow in the midst of change?

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Total Book Tweets for Sharon Lopez is 13933

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