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Abalone: One woman's courageous journey through relationship abuse

From: J.G. MacLeod


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A provocative psychological drama for readers who loved Black & Blue, Gone Girl, The Lucky One, and Safe Haven.

Read Abalone to discover why reviewers are calling it both a "coming-of age story" (Quinto) and a "searing tale that will scorch the reader" (Red Butler). Author A.L. Norton described it as "very well written and held my attention from beginning to the end" and Poulomi Sanyal, author of Color Me Confounded, described it as "a fantastic book that everyone raising a child needs to read and share with their young-adult children" (Goodreads.com).

Why are broken boys so attractive to some girls? How can young girls recognize the signs of abuse? Is there hope for recovery and healing after experiencing trauma?

Eighteen-year-old Liz is in her final year of high school when she meets James Macewan, an older student who is struggling academically and wrestling with his own demons. What begins as a simple tutoring assignment soon grows into her first dating relationship. Liz initially enjoys the excitement of being with James, but it does not take long before she cannot recognize who she is as an individual anymore. As James's own life begins to unravel he compensates by attempting to control every aspect of Liz's existence. The situation eventually dissolves into a tale of violence and dehumanization that affects the characters' lives forever.

Red Butler (Amazon.com reviewer) described James Macewan as "one of the most pathetic and unsympathetic villains" he has seen in a while.

J.G. MacLeod describes the fear and uncertainty that often come with the cycle of violence and allows readers to journey alongside Liz as she attempts to confront her abuser and heal from trauma.

Sharon Lopez (Amazon.com reviewer) said, "The writer did fantastic with pulling the reader into the book's world to feel everything the characters did."

Travel to the isolated town of Abalone Lake & experience the rush of first love, the pain of domestic violence, and the gravity of a decision that could change everyone's lives forever.

Author's Note

The author understands that the description of abuse can be triggering for some people, so she wishes to inform potential readers that the content in Abalone can be graphic at times.

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Total Book Tweets for J.G. MacLeod is 218

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Lady ellen's father makes her choose between marrying a man she does not love  or banishing her to live with her aunt on a remote island. what would you choose %281%29

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Lady ellen's father makes her choose between marrying a man she does not love  or banishing her to live with her aunt on a remote island. what would you choose %282%29

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