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From: D. S. Wall


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Total Book Tweets for D. S. Wall is 1405

Category: Mystery

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Detective McKenna Kelly made it her mission to put Jack Harrison behind bars. A privileged punk protected by his powerful father, he took what he wanted with no regard for right and wrong. The police couldn't touch him, and if they tried, the District Attorney wouldn't prosecute. With each assault, McKenna grew more desperate and reasoned getting him off the streets justified bending the rules.

But Dr. Emma White had treated too many of Jack's victims, and she had had enough. If the authorities refused to protect young women from Jack Harrison, then she would.

When Jack is gruesomely murdered, McKenna isn't sure she should untangle the web of deceit, vengeance, and vigilantism. If she did, what secrets might she expose that are better left hidden?

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Total Book Tweets for D. S. Wall is 1405

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All Tweets for book 151

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