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The Hunt

From: D. S. Wall


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Mohammad al-Qahtani was hell-bent on killing Americans. Hu Wei was on a mission to make the People’s Republic of China the most powerful nation on Earth. His holy war and her resources made them a lethal combination.

FBI Agent Grace Madson and her partners Charlotte and Jace West tracked Mohammad to California. The terrorist had eluded their Special Investigations Unit for a year, and their assignment was to take him down. Allowing the jihadi to slip through their fingers and strike again was not part of the plan.

But there was a new player in the game. What was Mohammad's connection to the Chinese spy lurking around Silicon Valley? Something big was about to happen — something they hadn’t planned for, something they couldn’t have imagined. They had to stop Mohammad, but they found themselves embroiled in a geopolitical conspiracy that could change everything.

What Grace and her team didn't know — what no one knew — was that someone else wanted Mohammad as much as the FBI did, and they craved revenge.

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Total Book Tweets for D. S. Wall is 1405

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