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The Curse of Balar

From: Marcel du Plessis


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Category: Horror

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Not all is well in Balar.

Beasts stalk the woods, the dead rise from their graves, and not all is as it seems. Everyone carries a secret — a secret that can either be a blessing or a curse.
Welcome to Balar, a secluded town in the Carpathian Mountains. With the turn of the Twentieth Century looming, the townsfolk cling onto old traditions and superstitions while the world around them steadily marches into a new age. But all is not well in this backwater, for paranormal killers stalk the streets, strange creatures wonder the woods, and a mysterious resident has moved into the ruined castle on the hill.

Now, strangers arrive in town in search of lost treasure, destiny, and blood. Will they find what they seek or will they — like many before them — succumb to the Curse of Balar.

Thirteen stories of supernatural horror await the bravest readers in this, the first of a series of stories exploring the many secrets of the cursed town of Balar.

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Total Book Tweets for Marcel du Plessis is 1478

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