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The Bright Report Volume 2

From: Marcel du Plessis


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Five more humorous short stories from the most famous journal you've never heard of! The Bright Report - a fictional journal that brings you absurd stories with a human element - presents five strange stories. In this difficult second offering, the editor, Mr Balding, selected five stories pertaining to unusual items. Are they cursed? Unlucky? Or is something else going on?

Murky Dishwater, an unusual rock band with an unusual sound - what is their secret?
Cheese rolling is a dangerous business, but did you know that the cheese goes through several 'hill tests' before it can carry the name of Double Gloucester?
An apartment full of unusual creatures asserts their right to squat where they want to.
An unusual writing implement is said to bring the wielder great literary success, but at what cost?
Mr Carmichael washes up on a strange island where the residents sort themselves into the Likins and the Knopes.

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Total Book Tweets for Marcel du Plessis is 1038

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