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The Bright Report Volume 3

From: Marcel du Plessis


Total Book Tweets for Marcel du Plessis is 1478

Category: Short Stories

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The Bright Report is back!

The next collection in the highly ignored and unanticipated series from the world’s least visible publication, The Bright Report (est. 1921). For this volume, Mr Balding, the editor, selected seven stories that pushes the envelope on what is possible. Remember, here at the Bright Report, we seek to find the human in the absurd.

Frank Safely just wants to buy a television, but life isn’t easy even for a retired noir detective.
Pash Tensing investigates an art installation with a superpowered secret.
Emma Rose Armitage discovers the difficulty of extremely-long-distance education.
Charline Ratanang reports on (and takes part in) the Competitive Housekeeping Final.
Calliper Print (our newest journalist) tracks down a teary fridge.
Carmichael Carmichael faces a threat he cannot understand as he tries to escape the Cloud Islands.
An author we cannot quite recall finally figures out what the cursed quill does.

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Total Book Tweets for Marcel du Plessis is 1478

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