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Shakyamuni's Pearl: A Thriller

From: Ken Fry


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Danger Above...
Danger Below...

The latest release of the multi-award winning, UK bestselling author of The Patmos Enigma and The Lazarus Succession, Ken Fry.

17th Century, Japan
The Legend...

Ama divers, Makoto and Kaho, discover a gigantic pearl deep in the coastal waters of Japan, resembling the head of Buddha, Shakyamuni. At that time, all finds are the property of their Daimyo, Lord Hatakeyema. Their secret is discovered, and before they can bring the pearl to the surface, they are attacked. Rather than face certain death by beheading, the couple commits suicide by drowning --- taking the pearl with them.

Since then, it has never seen the light of day...

The Present...

Maxine D'Argy Steele and Hugo Leyton, renowned researchers, are offered a lucrative deal by an American-Japanese pearl and diamond dealer. Locate the legendary pearl and recover it. They form a team to help them in their quest --- a renowned freediver and oceanographer, and an ama diver, Mizuki, who has motives of her own.

But the problem with legendary treasures is that everyone wants to own it.

Two rival factions, the Yakuza, a criminal organisation led by Kazuma, and The Flaming Flag Society led by Yamura, are aware of the expedition. And they will use all their resources to possess the pearl.

With danger from above and from below, Maxine and Leyton dodge bullets and threats as they try to resurrect Shakyamuni's Pearl from its watery tomb.

Read this high adrenaline, hunt and chase thriller and let the action propel you to a new Ken Fry adventure.

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Total Book Tweets for Ken Fry is 5091

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