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Principles of the Kingdom: God's Success Principles

From: James M. Becher


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Do you know what it takes to be successful?
--to succeed in business as well as in life itself?
In this Biblical self-help success book, the author contends that God has several principles, which if followed can lead to success either in business or in life itself. He further contends that although many of these same principles may be found among the motivational speakers and thinkers of today and yesterday, that they were originally derived from Holy Scripture, whether or not these spokespersons are aware of it. He points to Jesus' parables to show that not everyone who preaches or practices Kingdom principles will be found to be in the Kingdom at the end.

The 17 chapters of this book contain 17 articles relating to 17 of these principles.
Knowing you purpose
forgetting the past
conquering fear
sowing and reaping
and 10 others. (For a complete list of the principles included in this work, check the "Table of Contents.")

There are examples, positive and negative, of these principles in the lives of characters from the author's novel, Of Such Is The Kingdom, A Novel of Biblical Times. So this book and the novel make perfect companion volumes for each other.
And each chapter has a Quotable Quotes section with quotes from famous people past and present, including the Bible writers, so it makes a great reference source for quotations.

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Total Book Tweets for James M. Becher is 473

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