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Every artist’s career starts with a dream. A dream to create, to entertain and to fall in love with over and over again. It typically doesn’t happen overnight, but as a journey over many months or years. Your career will take many twists and lapses, and to stay the course can be a grind. The entertainment business has more unpredictability and excitement than any other, and once you’re in it’s tough to leave. But why ever would you?

Over the past year I’ve enjoyed every minute of interviewing artists from all around the world, but there’s something about Music City that has me coming back. The electricity in the air, the kindness and small town feel that you belong and it’s just been there waiting for you.

Having been an actress, writer and film producer, music has long been the spark to my earliest memories and a way to connect and reminisce. In reading these articles I hope that listening to their stories and ups and downs will bring you joy and help you live in the moment. I learned so much from these interviews myself. Less polish and more authenticity and how just showing up can sometimes be half the battle. Each artist’s story is unique, but all join a place of following their passion and living authentically.

Nashville has long been the birthplace of country music and legendary music careers. I hope this book helps you find joy in the journey, take small steps every day, stay true to yourself and more than anything, stay humble. Everyone makes mistakes, but you’ll have the time of your life. Put on your best, get out there and enjoy the ride.

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Total Book Tweets for Karina Michel Feld is 267

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