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Impossible Tales

From: V.S.Sury


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This is a collection of short stories, and a couple of zip stories, as the author claims. As the title suggests, the stories are not only impossible, but also improbable.
The improbable stories include traditional fiction, but fully warped out of reality. Yet, the stories have an authoritative and convincing ring! “Read it, and you will believe it,” is the new mantra. The impossible stories deal with science, science totally bludgeoned out of shape. Yet, to repeat, they ring true.
Just imagine a universe (as big as the present one), in a long, long bygone past, containing only one atom! And that one-atom-universe lasts as long as the present one!
All these days, man has been learning from Nature. It is high time that the process run two way. So, Nature begins learning and imitating man. You have to see what follows, to understand the side-splitting immensity of it.
As the philosophers are fond of insisting, reality is like a dream and dream too is real. Just jumble up both states thoroughly so that there is no practical difference, and see what ensues.

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Total Book Tweets for V.S.Sury is 1863

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