Joyce Mitchell

I LOVE GRANDMA by Joyce Mitchell is a must read, the story about a small boys love for his Grandma an Grandpa, when Grandpa goes on a fishing trip an he asks his grandson to take care of Grandma. The pictures are so bright and pretty an each one tells a story, it is just a must for parents to buy and read to their kids an then for the child to take an read to his or her Grandparents. When you have read then please make a review about it then also send a message to the author, after that please tell all your friends.

Joyce Mitchell

Cute, bright illustrations are matched with a sweet story about a young boy, called Chip, who is asked to look after his Grandma while his Grandpa heads off on a fishing trip for a couple of weeks before Christmas. Chip decides to show his Grandma how much he loves her by making her a different gift each day that his Grandpa is away, and presenting it to her along with his reason for making each particular gift. These reasons are a lovely way for Chip to tell his Grandma the many reasons why he loves her. A great book for a Grandmother and grandchild to share, especially during the build-up to Christmas.

Joyce Mitchell

Our girls loved this book. It's summertime and we are settling down for much reading. We will reread this one, it was interesting.

Joyce Mitchell

"I Love Grandma" is another great book by Joyce Mitchell. In this story, Grandpa goes on a fishing trip and ask little Chip to take care of Grandma while he's away. Chip thoughtfully makes his grandma various Holiday items, each with a special/personal meaning. This is a fun read for children and their grandparents. The illustrations are also great. A great book!!

Joyce Mitchell

A very sweet story to read with your grandkids. What grandmother wouldn't want a grandchild like Chip that was so thoughtful and giving? Lots of hugs and giggles to be shared while reading this little charmer.

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I Love Grandma

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"I LOVE GRANDMA" : Fully illustrated ebook, for ages 3-8

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This story is great for a quick BEDTIME STORY and to be read aloud with friends and family.

Little Chip has thirteen days of fun planned for his sweet little grandma. Join in the excitement, filled with giggles and laughs, endless creativity, and tons of imagination! What did Chip do each day to make his grandmother so happy?

Putting a smile on a child's face can change the world - Maybe not the whole world but at least their world!

This is such a clever book!! My kids constantly ask me to read it over and over again.

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Total Book Tweets for Joyce Mitchell is 4478

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