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From: Michael Bronte


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Category: Thriller

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Paul and Elena Henley are off to Guadalajara, Mexico on vacation, thinking the time might be right for them to become parents. What Paul doesn’t know is that the current Elena Henley is formerly Elena Díaz, sister of Sergio Díaz, who is the head of the Calle Santiago cartel. The revelation is mind boggling. How is it possible that Elena has never revealed she even had a brother, let alone one who runs a drug cartel? Paul’s world is thrown into even more chaos after two other occurrences. One is when he accidentally kills a man while defending himself during street mugging gone bad. The other is when Elena disappears from their hotel room without a trace. Paul’s search for her is all consuming. Follow the action as he becomes a fugitive from the Mexican police, while at the same time fighting rival cartel killers when he and Sergio combine forces to discover what happened to Elena. The betrayals between characters are never-ending, and each one is bigger than the one before.

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Total Book Tweets for Michael Bronte is 7506

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All Tweets for book 216

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