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FalconClaw - The Sleep Room

From: Michael Cook


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Category: Suspense

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On New Year’s Eve 2016, a Philadelphia Detective, crippled by grief and his endless pursuit to avenge his father’s death, is thrown into a case that could possibly bring him the retribution he seeks.

Frank Collazo’s partner, Penny Bristow, will soon seek retaliation of her own. Detectives Collazo and Bristow will be tasked with chasing down the most notorious serial killer that the City of Philadelphia has ever known.

Their pasts will become their present, and their present will become their hell, as a monster, both sinister and cunning, will make the detectives question everything they know and each other.

The diabolical acts of one man will destroy the lives of many and lead Frank Collazo to a place of ultimate reconciliation or complete and utter damnation.

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Total Book Tweets for Michael Cook is 1647

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