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Back to Black Earth

From: Michael Cook


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Category: Science Fiction

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What truths will be revealed?

After Erik Erickson, the last resident of Black Earth arrived in 2024; he was greeted with a hero’s welcome by nearly all people on Earth. Some, however, questioned if he or planet Zenith were real or simply a lie. A fabrication by the United States Government, thought, many conspiracy theorists.

As Erik toured planet Earth, telling everyone the truths of Zenith and all the riches that it held, some countries thought they could bypass a U.N. Resolution and go it alone to the black menace. Zenith closely trailed Earth by only seventy-five million miles and the race ‘Back to Black Earth’ was on.

What truths found on Zenith could propel a country to be the only super-power on Earth? What would a country do to own advanced propulsion systems and medical cures to every known disease, afflicting humans since the beginning of time? And, what of the passenger manifests from the migration shuttles? Who was on those shuttles? Perhaps some of Earth’s most famous and infamous historical figures.

The story continues as the sequel to Black Earth – How We Got Here, picks up where it left off, concluding the poignant story of Erik Erickson and Carrick Michaels. While Erik finally came Home, Carrick was still looking for his purpose, his reason for being, his Home. The Erickson legacy lives on, and the story will conclude with the greatest sacrifice of all. Family, truth, love, and sacrifice are all revealed in this modern-day classic that will break your heart but restore your faith in humankind.

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Total Book Tweets for Michael Cook is 2152

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