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The Bright Report Volume 1

From: Marcel du Plessis


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Category: Short Stories

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The Bright Report is a collection of six whimsical short stories - each written by a different fictional journalist. While the stories might be strange, the human element is not. In this first volume we discover:

The truth behind the new 'word' that took the art world by storm - what does it even mean?

A snobbish reviewer finds himself stuck in a genre piece - is it a Lovecraftian nightmare or are things not as they seem?

Our sports reporter takes on the Monstrous Patagonian Snail Derby - can she beat her rival?

Our notorious car reviewer drives the Lethe D Series - can he remember where he parked it?

Mr Carmichael tracks down the secluded tribe of Cloud People - why do they worship "wife-eye"?

A literary board game where debate is more important than the pieces - luckily there are extra players in the box

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Total Book Tweets for Marcel du Plessis is 1478

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