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Unspoken: Living with Mental Illness

From: Suria Tei


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In the summer of 2018, author Suria Tei was struck by an acute psychotic episode that rendered her mentally paralysed. A few sessions of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) later, she gradually regained awareness.

As she was recovering from the ordeal, Tei tried to delve into the roots of her mental instability: her chronic depression and psychosis. It became a journey of self-discovery, during which she recounted her past, relating her experience of growing up in a conventional Chinese family in Malaysia and demonstrating how it has conditioned her to become who she is.

From grief to depression to psychosis, from East to West, Tei overcame hurdles and emerged to share her past encounters and her insight into life.

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Total Book Tweets for Suria Tei is 476

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